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Before there was this guy…

There was a Wong Fu Productions fan at UC Berkeley, but I’ll get to that story later. For now, let’s take a fun trip down memory lane of all the roles our good friend Ki Hong Lee played in WF’s past work.

Take It Slow

Ki Hong’s first appearance in a Wong Fu video, playing an awkward-turned-charming teenager. The extra chubbiness made him look more like a high schooler. Fun fact, this was also our first time working with Victoria Park, who is in our upcoming movie!

Away We Happened

A few months later, we brought him back for our big web series “Away We Happened” as a wannabe player who knows way too much about stalking girls online!

This Is How We Never Met

That one time he tried to smell a girl fart.

To Those Nights

Another quick cameo here in the early scene playing a very convincing drunk friend.

She Has a Boyfriend

Bringing him back as the lead, KH was awesome in this short which now has over 4 million views!

The Best Third Wheel In the World

Probably my favorite cameo. Look who’s getting shot by a blowdart. (I just liked it because I got to kill, then hug him)

There’s a ton more WFWeekends and BTS videos with this guy, but that’s just because Ki Hong became one of our very good friends. And it all started with a random trip to the theater to watch a local play. It was called “Wrinkles” and I went with KevJumba to see it. In the show was a really talented (good looking, haha) guy playing the teenager in a family. After the show we were introduced and seeing that he was a really nice guy I knew that he’d be great for a project sometime. A few months later “Take it Slow” was being prepared and I emailed him, he was down, and that began the chain of all these videos. The really funny thing is, he actually emailed us a year prior inquiring about acting possibilities, but we must’ve missed it. Even crazier, in 2007, when Wong Fu was touring our student movie “A Moment with You”, we had a show at UC Berkeley. There were several hundred students there, but apparently Ki Hong asked a question during the Q&A about how to act in one of our shorts. It wouldn’t be until 5 years later that it would happen.

Life is crazy, so many twists and turns. After all these “random at the time” events, we now get to see him in a major motion picture and we couldn’t be happier for him and his future. Congrats Ki Hong! You deserve it. And to everyone reading… go watch and support Ki Hong in “The Maze Runner”, in theaters now!

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